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Friday, March 19, 2010

Surprise, Cathy! It's a Baby Shower for You!

Dear Cathy, on behalf of the Etsy Beagles Team, this lovely collection of gifts will soon be on its way to you! We hope you enjoy the handmade gifts. Our team members jointly purchased (from Etsy, of course) the blanket and bib, and the other gifts were handmade with love by some of your Beagles Team sisters. We send our joy and best wishes along with these gifts to you and baby Cora Ann! With All Our Love,
The Etsy Beagles Team's "Doggie Dozen" lol!
Amanda, AnnieK, Christie, Duffy, Janice, Kerrie, Kristy, Linda, Lorraine, Shari, Sue, and Tricia

All our furbabies send their love, too and say Paws Up! They'd also like to ask Francisco and Buckley to please not keep the baby slippers for themselves! ;0)
We couldn't find a blanket with hounds on it, but a Scottie Dog won best of Show at Westminster this year, and we thought the Scottie receiving blanket was appropriate!
Please check back here for greetings your team members will be leaving for you!


CiaoHound said...

Hi Cathy! Congratulations early :) There is nothing in the world that compares to having a baby. I had two fabulous baby girls and they are my life. Everyone will tell you 'enjoy this moment because they grow up so fast' but in reality, every moment is worth enjoying; not just when they are babies and toddlers. My two are in their 20's now and they are my very best friends. I thank the Lord time and time again for bringing them to me. I can't wait for you to be able to hold your new child and know the unique and wondrous feeling of being a mother. Happy days ahead.

MsAnomaly said...

Counting down the days right along with you, Cathy! Ditto what Shari said! Since we live all over the place, we thought the blog would be the best place to have a Beagles Team baby shower for you! ;) The 12 girls of the "doggie dozen" contributed to get the 100% cotton flannel Scottie balnket, and the 100% Pima cotton custom-embroidered "Baby Fatbasset" bib. Sue made the adorable door hanger pillow with your boys' picture on the front. The 2 pr. of slippers are from Kristy, our official "keep the Beagle team's feet warm" gal. Janice's origami card and Annie's purple fabric envelope look great together! Amanda made a beaglebeads bracelet just for you, and also for you is my "little something" in the MsAnomaly box. I wish we could have a cake, too! ;D
We're all keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. Blessings upon you and little Cora Ann! Linda

Cody's Creations said...

Congrats Cathy!!!!! We are sending lots of well wishes and puppy kisses to you and to the future beagle lover :)

Cody's Closet said...

Congrats Cathy! We are very excited about the baby.

Creative Comforts LLC said...

Cathy, I am so excited for you! Being pregnant can be hard but it brings a great joy in the end. I wish you lots of joy & happyness with your little girl! Sam said to tell the hounds that baby food is ok when it hits the floor.
Besty wish & love,

tricia said...

Cathy, I am so happy for your impending mommy hood! You go girl! Hope everything is okay with the delivery too.
Love Buckley and Francisco on the banner btw! They are so cute together!

fatbasset said...

Thank you everybody! I really am touched that you guys did a virtual shower for me. Through ups and downs I know my Beagle Team is there for me. We are so excited and blessed to be having this baby. We have been married for almost 10 years, and our pack has needed a new member for awhile. Francisco is already sitting by the bouncer seats in the house, like he guarding them. Buckley knows something is up; he likes to curl up on my belly at night and falls asleep listening to the baby's heartbeat. Thank you again everybody, and I will definitely keep you posted- We are down to about 30 days until the due date!

Hierba Verde said...

The whole team anxiously awaits the arrival of our newest pup - um, er- baby.... :D

Congratulations to you!
(I'm late everywhere I go - even to a virtual baby shower :/ )

christie said...

Congrats, Cathy! :-)