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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Let's Visit FrumsGlassMenagerie!

If you love animals and beautiful glass earrings and pendants, please visit the Etsy shop FrumsGlassMenagerie! I have the pleasure of owning a beagle pendant made by this talented artisan, and I get compliments on it every time I wear it (which is quite often). It is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry! :) FrumsGlassMenagerie's jewelry showcases many other animals and dog breeds, not just beagles. The shop owner shares her home with Italian Greyhound rescue dogs. Sounds great, right? So, C'mon, let's go!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Take a Look at Cody's Closet!

I'd like to introduce you to one of our fabulous shops, Cody's Closet! Cody's Closet features great doggie goodies, like dog collars and bone-shaped placemats. I bought a placemat to put under Flash's water bowl, and it really helps keep the floor from getting wet when my beagle has a big sloppy drink! It is machine-washable and can be put in the dryer, too. Besides, it looks SO CUTE! Check out Cody's Closet for wonderful gifts for your pampered pooch, or your Mom's pampered pooch, your friend's pampered pooch, your sig. other's pampered pooch, your aunt's pampered pooch, heck, any pampered pooch! Arrroooooo! :0)
This team member also has another Etsy shop, AnnieKDesigns, featuring handcrafted table runners and placemats.

Monday, June 16, 2008

I'm on a space kick!

It's my son's fault! I am getting ready to have a garage sale, and I asked my sons to go through all their old "stuff" that was stashed in the family room closet. My youngest son was quite into "aliens" and outer space at one time, and decided to part with a great bunch of little space-themed figures. They won't make it into the sale! ;) They had "pendants" written all over them (albeit in some planetary language only my son and I can understand). Anyway, this is my first, because he is SO CUTE! I named him Rocky Planet, and he is the biggest alien superstar/rock star ever! I had these fantastic vintage beads that I call glitter-beads, for lack of a better or known name. They are like sugar-beads, but have a smooth surface with tiny flecks of metallic gold. The swirled finish looked very planet-like to me, and I matched the colors of the beads to Rocky, his guitar, and his beautiful big green eyes. There are some vintage faceted purple lucite beads, and just for fun, some new plastic blue star beads, since Rocky is a star from beyond the stars! I've got more necklaces done, but have to wrangle with my biggest jewelry-marketing dilemma - pictures (shudder, shudder; excuse the pun)! Once I get some decent pics, more outer space jewelry will appear in my store:

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Welcome to our blog!

I hope you enjoy the Etsy Beagle Street team blog! The Beagle Team is a group of artisans who sell their work on Etsy, the place for all things handmade. This is a new blog, which will be "under construction" for a while - not too long; just until I can get everything here, mainly all our members' shops! We currently have over 70 team members, which I refer to as "the pack!" If you are hunting for unique handcrafted items, we have quite a wonderful variety! It's all good, and we hope you give our Etsy shops a big "paws up!" Let us know your favorites, and share your beagle-tales! We strive to keep our blog posts as friendly, warm, and cuddly as our dogs. Profanity, unwarrented links, and just plain snarling will not be tolerated! Beagles follow the rules of the pack. This blog is family-friendly, just like the American Beagle! Bringing a doggie treat when you visit is always appreciated. Beagles are fabulous chow-hounds! Arrrooooo! ;)