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Friday, March 19, 2010

New Hounds in the Header!

Who are those two adorable hounds in the header? They are a basset named Francisco and his beagle brother Buckley! Francisco and Buckley belong to team member Fatbasset. Fatbasset is expecting her first child on April 22nd, so Francisco and Buckley have been given our blog's place of honor to welcome their new baby sister as well as spring! They are too (two?) cute!

MsAnomaly note: Be sure to check this blog on Wednesday, March 24th - Saturday, March 27th for our "Dog Tired of Winter" team challenge blog giveaway! Thank-Arrrooooo!


christie said...

Aw, Francisco and Buckley are adorable!!

Cindy said...

What cute faces!! Don't you like how they just love to pose. I think beagles are natural at that!

CiaoHound said...

They are so precious!

2 Raven Chicks said...

Sweet, sweet faces! I just adore your handsome hounds!

Oh boy - hope the fame doesn't go to their heads......