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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Team Spotlight! interview with The Ginger Card Company

MsAnomaly's interview with gingercardco:

1. When did you open your Etsy store and begin selling?
December 07, I think.

2. How did you select your shop's name?
Ginger is my first dog's name. I've been making cards for my parents with the GingerCardCo "copyright" on them since I got Ginger from the Humane Society 8 years ago.

3. What do you create and sell in your Etsy shop?
A 'zine called Peace to All Creatures that I designed and edited with a friend I met through the Etsy for Animals Team. I make necklaces, notecards and notebooks with dog illustrations. I also have some felt (spun from reycled plastic bottles) accessories, and jewelry with city maps.

4. How did you become involved in your craft?
I've made handmade cards for my parents since I was a kid.

5. Explain your favorite part of the creative process.
When the glaze is dry and I don't have to worry about ruining it! Also, I'm on the computer all day for work, so it's nice to sit at the craft table and NOT look at the computer!

6. Do you sell in another Etsy store or anywhere outside of Etsy? If so, where?
I also sell at a local art co-op in Orlando.

7. So far, what project are you most proud of?
The zine, for sure.

8. What advice can you give to someone who would like to learn your craft?
hummm... making jewelry takes patience - I always ruin it by checking to see if the glaze is dry - and it's not!

9. What motivated you to join the Etsy Beagle Street Team?
I have a beagle, Buddy, that I adopted from Orange County Animal Control when he was 5 - he's 9 now. I volunteer at the local dogpark, and I bring my other dog Kyanne, (who is not a beagle) to Beagle MeetUps there - Buddy can't handle a bunch of big strange dogs at one time, so he can't go to the dogpark. My friend who runs the MeetUp group has adopted 4 beagles and has 2 foster beagles, so Buddy goes to her house for playdates. I volunteer on Sundays at Pet Rescue by Judy's shelter. I'm on the Handmade4Hounds management team, and I'm about to join the Vegan Etsy Team, since I have recently become vegan. Teams are GREAT places to meet like-minded people. I recently met in person for the first time the friend I do the 'zine with - we went to an animal rights conference in L.A.

10. Any other places we might find you (Flickr, blog, MySpace, etc.)?
I don't keep up my blog very well, but I'd like to...
Flickr, where there are some really cute pictures of Buddy:


2 Raven Chicks said...

I love how you got the name of your shop! I love these interviews and finding out more about my fellow Beagle Team members.

Your pups are adorable - the Easter Buddy card on Flickr is so funny!

MsAnomaly said...

Love your dog necklaces, and Buddy is adorable. I love that beagle stance; tail straight, paw up, in his raincoat picture! It's great that you volunteer at the dog park and animal shelter. I really enjoyed your interview! :0)

mvegan said...

:0) I love her shop and doggy! I'm a big fan of the zine and her cards too!
We are so happy to have her in Etsy for Animals! Michele, mvegan5

Jessi said...

Aww, thanks ladies!!!