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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Shine A Light on "Gertie Gear ... an end to throwaway pet beds."

Hello beagle lovers. I'd be grateful for a couple minutes of your time and your "vote" by SEPT 13TH... double that if a few others you know can help too. ;-)

Gertie Gear has been nominated in Amex sponsored Shine A Light on small biz contest for a chance to win up to $100,000 in grants and marketing support.

Each "voter" needs to REGISTER and provide their contact info to prove they are a human -- then vote (endorse) just once. No spam, they just want to hinder "ballot stuffing".

The top three finalists, chosen by judges each receive a $10,000 grant.
Then the winner will be chosen by popular vote an receive a $50,000 grant plus $50,000 in marketing support.

Link to my endorsement "story":

TO VOTE/ENDORSE (first round deadline is SEPT 13)
1) you have to "register" (there's a word only link on the top right of the page).
2) then either link back to my page or search the nominees for "Gertie Gear".
3) finally, click the "Support this story ENDORSE NOW" button on the top left side.
The button text should change to indicate your choice was recorded.

Thank you SO much for your time and consideration.
Julie and GERTIE, CSB (Chief Senior Beagle @


MsAnomaly said...

Your story got my endorsement, Julie! I think it's wonderful that your pet air beds are not only great for pets, but also for the environment! How your dear Gertie inspired the creation of the air beds is so sweet, and kudos to you for making such a great product. Hope your hard work and caring heart are rewarded. C'mon, Beagles... VOTE for the Gertie Gear story! Arrrooooo!

Genevieve said...

I registered just ta vote for ya! Good luck. Either way, you've got a wonderful product that is being seen and known by many from this. Love your "grass roots" story and it speaks volumes about you and your product.

Gertie Gear said...

Thank you Linda! Thank you Genevieve!
I know how busy everyone is these days and it means a lot when someone takes the time, wow, especially to read the story too. :-)
Thank you for your votes and kind words.
Arooooo! from Gertie too!. She wants me to win, because it means she'll get more (and better) treats. She loves her treats! ;-)