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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Flash has chosen the winner of the prize for the Beagle Team's "Puppy Love" challenge contest!
No, really, Flash chose. I put a snausage dog treat in the bottom of a small bowl. I put strips of paper with the entrants' names on top of the snausage. I called Flash. He stuck that lovely beagle nose into the bowl to nab that snausage, and one paper strip was nudged out of the bowl (luckily, because we would have had to do it over if more than one paper had come out!) the name on that paper, and the winner of FrumsGlassMenagerie's paw print pin is...
Congratulations! Please send your shipping address to Sue via contact through her Etsy store, FrumsGlassMenagerie: The Beagles team would like to thank all of our posters for entering this contest. The Beagles Team's first challenge giveaway was lots of fun, and we hope to do it agian! :0)

4 comments: said...

cute way to choose the winner! go flash! :)

"Ice Pony Girl" said...

Lucky winner!arnie

CK said...

Thanks to everyone who participated in our challenge! Congrats to PRETTYCHEAPJEWELRY!

cutiepie company said...

congrats! what a fun way to pick the winner! Yay Flash!