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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Team Spotlight! Interview with MsAnomaly

Team member kookyhandbags' interview with MsAnomaly:

1. When did you open your Etsy store and begin selling?
I opened my Etsy shop in May of 2007 after selling my jewelry on eBay for 5 years. I thought a site specializing in handmade items would provide a better marketplace for my style of jewelry.
2. How did you select your shop’s name?
I use vintage beads, jewelry, and other unique vintage components in my necklaces. Some of the components are pretty unusual! Anomaly is defined as: “a deviation from the common rule, type, or form.” I found that a perfect description of not only my jewelry, but also of myself, hence, MsAnomaly!
3. What do you create and sell in your Etsy shop?
Mainly, I make necklaces, though I have made a few bracelets, too. My style is known as Vintage Redux, which basically means using vintage jewelry/jewelry parts to create something brand new.
4. How did you become involved in your craft?
A friend gave me 2 boxes of vintage jewelry, mostly necklaces, that had belonged to his mother. He said,“Here, Linda, you’re crafty…do something with these!” I was enchanted with the quality, beauty, and detail in the old beads and findings, so I cut the strings (many were already broken), washed the beads, and started laying out new designs. I enjoyed making my first necklaces so much, I was hooked!
5. Explain your favorite part of the creative process.
I think the most challenging part is doing the layout. I’m usually inspired by a focal bead or pendant, and build the necklace around that. The actual construction of the necklace varies; ones strung on line usually get made faster than ones that use head or eye pins, chain, and jump rings. It’s often tricky figuring out ways to combine different vintage jewelry pieces, both structurally and aesthetically, into a cohesive design.
6. Do you sell in another Etsy store or anywhere outside of Etsy? If so, where?
I am currently selling my jewelry in a B&M handcrafted goods shop in my hometown. The shop is called “The Rusty Nail,” and is located in downtown Warren, Ohio.
7. So far, what project are you most proud of?
I honestly like all of them, so it’s hard to choose. I think my favorite piece now is my “Buttons and Bows” necklace.
8. What advice can you give to someone who would like to learn your craft?
Don’t give up! It takes a lot of practice and patience to learn how to tie a good end knot, anchor knot, and the use of pliers and other jewelry-making tools.
9. What motivated you to join the Etsy Beagle Street Team?
Starting the team was a joint effort of another Etsy beagle owner and myself. The Beagles team became an official Etsy Street Team in Oct. ’07, and I since became the team leader. My beagle, Flash, was my inspiration. That’s him on our blog header! We currently have 80 incredibly talented members on the team, including many who own breeds other than Beagle. Our team’s Bassets, Labs, Italian Greyhounds, Spaniels, and mixed breeds make for a fun and interesting pack! We also welcome our members’ other pets, including our honorary cats!
10. Any other places we might find you (Flickr, blog, MySpace, etc.)?
I have my personal blog and Flickr page, but usually you can find me on this blog, on our team’s Etsy Beagles Flickr group, or in the Etsy Teams forum!


Cody's Closet said...

What a great interview. I didn't know you started and it's great to find out. I didn't the actual style name either. Always good to learn about my teammates.

tricia said...

I love your Buttons and Bows necklace is a piece of art!

Wonderful interview! I am still learning jewelry techniques and i really admire and appreciate anyone who makes stunning jewelry such as yourself!

FrumsGlass said...

Super interview! It is really interesting to learn how Linda got her start. Thanks for sharing and for heading the Beagles team.

dogsrule said...

AWESOME INTERVIEW!!!! Fun to learn all about you Linda! Love your work! I have a few of your pieces and shop bookmarked! And your Buttons and Bows piece is great!
Nice interview!

dogsrule said...

FUN INTERVIEW! Linda your work is AWESOME! Lot's of great pieces...I have a few bookmarked myself! And, I agree, your Buttons and Bows piece is super!