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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy T-arrrooooothousand9!

We made it! It's the new year, and one of my resolutions is to work on the blog to make it absolutely beaglicious! Though I am not too blog-smart, I am going to try to improve this site, and also want to spiff-up our team profile page on Etsy. We have never had a banner for our team. I made one, and although it's not what I've dreamed of having, it's better than "the blank!" Now if only Etsy can put our team profile back in place! We seem to have somehow been given the profile for the Indiana Street Team! Nice team, great people, but gee, Etsy, we want our Beagles back! Hoping it gets fixed real soon. I should have expected some kind of glitch 2 days into the new year; my life would be abnormal without them! :D Lost profile aside, the Beagle team is getting ready for our next team challenge, and it should be a good one! I also plan on contacting Etsy when the team is doing the challenge, so they can publish it in the Team events! Old dogs can learn new tricks, it just takes them (meaning me) a little longer! I'd like to wish our team a very Happy New Year, and promise to keep working to make the Beagles team even better...if that's possible, I mean, how much better can it get when we have our friends and our dogs?!


Ice Pony Goddess said...

What an adorable beagle!!

Happy Tails Beagle List,come check us out!

FrumsGlass said...

Happy New Year team. Go Beagles in 2009!

joonbeam said...

Happy New year, beagle friends! I have been thinking about you all this past week. Our Mister Chippy started off the year feeling 'off'. :( He is finally perking up. He wouldn't eat! Now that's a beagle with a problem. After my brilliant idea - rice and banana slices - he began a steady, slow recovery. Now he is beginning to chase squirrels and eat his regular food. I joked with my DH - 'Who would have ever thought we'd be so happy to hear the sound of crunching kibble?' :)

Don't know how he could get an upset tummy, but praying that's all it was. I've read they can get viruses. Best of everything to you all in 2009! Will check back in from time to time. Great New Year post!


Anandi said...

Happy New Year! Spike says AROOOOOO to 2009! :)

patricia said...

Helloooooaaarrrroooooo and Hap New Yer!

Cindy said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!! Aroo the the Beagles!!

Gertie Gear said...

Happy New Year -- yay beagles! We had a decent holiday season -- few extra orders. Let's hope it continues into 2009 for all of us.

"Joon" -- great idea on the rice and bananas. Our vet suggests rice and boiled skinless chicken breast when the dogs get tummy aches. Sometimes the addition of "Carafate" (Rx) to help coat the stomach.

CK said...

Happy New Year, everyone!

AncaNY said...

Happy New Year! I know I am very late, but better later than never, right?
We are in a for a few days of freezing cold and I don't know how me and my beagle Charlie are going to cope. He loves to run and play but does not like the cold.
We'll see.


MsAnomaly said...

So happy to hear from you again, Anca! I hope you and Charlie stay warm. It is cold here, too. The temps are at 2 degrees here in Ohio tonight! Brrrrrr!

MsAnomaly said...

Joon, Nice to hear from you again! I hope Mister Chippy is feeling better! Good to know about rice and bananas or rice and chicken (Thanks, Gertie) for upset beagle tummies. Will have to remember that when Flash's begging pays off too well!

joonbeam said...

Hello Friends, Just stopping back in to thank everyone for well wishes for Chip. He did slowly get better and is doing well. WHEW! It is cold here in Austin (for Texas) and he is snuggled under the covers, of course.

I have an idea - you know how Vicki Diane (pardon my spelling if this is wrong) makes treasuries revealing shop owners? How fun would some beagle treasuries be? Not sure how we could coordinate it but if we could manage to upload our sweeties into a listing pic in a timely manner and make a treasury I bet people would love it and what great exposure for our shops and team. We could do them every so often so everyone gets featured over time.

I'd be happy to make the treasury & get it up if anyone is interested in coordinating the other aspects.

Just convo me or post in here.

Hope everyone is toasty warm & well today.

MsAnomaly said...

I'll convo you about your treasury idea, Joon! :0)