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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

December Hound in the Header!

Dashing through the snow is our Etsy Beagles team's Turtle Bean! Turtle belongs to team member bluedogrose, a very talented artist and author! Turtle Bean is leaping for joy to extend happy holiday wishes to everyone, and he wants to remind our blog readers to post your vote in our upcoming (Wow - starts tomorrow, in fact!) Happy Howlidays Beagles team challenge/blog giveaway!


bluedogrose said...

"Arrrrroooo!" Says Turtle, "Thanks for putting me in the header!"

MsAnomaly said...

Glad to have you romping at the top of our blog, Turtle! Happy Howlidays to you and yours!

tricia said...

Turtle Bean!! Great name for a great dog! Looks so happy...ARoooooOOO!

missamandabeth said...

Such a cute picture! Looks like Turtle Bean is a little more enthusiastic about snow than our Wilson is! His favorite spot these days is RIGHT by the woodstove. Happy holidays everyone!