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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Team Members: Keep Current/New Rules

As you can see from our list of Etsy shops, the beagles team has grown quite a lot in the past 2 years! Because sending multiple convos through Etsy is very time-consuming, and with the threat of being muted by the spambot, I'd like to post some news (or, as we call it, "beagle business") on the blog.

We just finished our first team challenge for 2010, and had great results, with more entries than ever before! I know many team members don't frequent the Etsy forums, and may be missing out on the team challenges. We have decided to send a link to this blog post so everyone knows about the next team challenge, and a few changes to team membership.

First, the next team challenge is scheduled for March 17th-20th. We will have a thread in the Etsy Teams and Events forum running at this time, to post your challenge entry in. Directions will be in the OP post of the thread. The blog giveaway will be running after we all post our entries, from March 24th-27th. The theme for the upcoming challenge is "Dog Tired of Winter." Think spring colors, and about anything goes -Easter, flowers, bunnies, whatever. Main focus is on color after the long winter we've had! We want this challenge to be full of cheery "promise of spring" entries! :D

Second, We have an official team tag that will help your items show up on the Etsy search. It is EtsyBeagles (one word).

Third, We are a large team, and really need more active participation from our members! Remember, beagles follow the rule of the pack! We request that all team members take part in at least one team challenge per year. We ususally have 4-5 challenges every year, so taking part in one is all we ask! Besides, it's a great way to promote your shop, and help the animal charity/org. of your choice. We ask that a percentage of the sale of your challenge entry item be donated to your favorite animal group/charity/organization. The amount is entirely up to you, as is the group to receive the donation. This is a very laid-back team; no dues, no demands. Asking each team member to participate in one challenge per year seems fair to all team members.

Fourth, If for any reason, you are unable to continue being part of the team, please contact me/Linda/MsAnomaly through an Etsy convo and ask to be removed from the team member's list. It takes a great deal of time to keep the lists updated, and I've found many members have closed their Etsy shop (this does not include those on vacation mode). Since I am in charge of updating both the blog list, and the team profile list on Etsy, it really would be helpful to know if anyone is not interested in staying on the team, or no longer has an active Etsy shop.

Finally, The best way to keep up-to-date on the team is to check the Etsy Teams and Events forum. We have a chat thread running there constantly, and even if you pop in once a month to say "Hi" we would love hearing from you! Here is the link to the current chat thread in the Etsy Teams and Events forum:
The last post on this page of the thread will explain how the team challenge works. We also welcome our members to post in the thread. We are also running a team roster list in the thread, and would appreciate if your name could be added. Thank-you, and
PAWS UP to the Beagles Team! :)


2 Raven Chicks said...

I love the expression on that handsome beagle face! Flash is such a cutie!

Duffydesigns said...

I'm glad there's a blog to check in to. I'll be more active! I swear! I've been making jewelry like a mad woman. I need to find more places to put it now. I'll join the current challenge.

MsAnomaly said...

You both make such great jewelry! Duffy, your place must look like mine; the jewelry is taking over! Well, that, and the beagle, who took over from day one! ;)

Anandi said...

Thanks for sending the link! Once I've figured out how to juggle work/baby/beagle, I'll be back to making new things in my shop :)

Spike says a big AROOO to everyone. His 10th birthday is coming up soon!

MsAnomaly said...

Happy Birthday to Spike! Our Lulu Belle (the cutie-pup pictured on the blog header) has a Birthday on Monday! Happy Birthday to both of Arrrooooo! :0)

AncaNY said...

Love it. When is the next challenge?

MsAnomaly said...

Info. about the next team challenge is under FIRST in this blog post. It's coming up soon! :0)

Laurie said...

Thank you for the update! Can you please point me in the direction to find the "rules" for team challenges? Thanks so much! Aroo!

Jessi said...

Gosh, I have been neglecting the Beagle Team! I've been pretty active with helping to manage the Handmade4Hounds (greyhound charity team) shop - and I don't even have a greyhound! I've also been busy with a Beagle that I saved from being put down at animal control and am trying to find a home for him and get his weight down. You have never seen such a fat Beagle! But I'm with DuffyDesigns - "I'll be more active - I swear!" : )

Gertie Gear said...

Thanks Linda for doing such a great job with the Blog and the team!
Great idea for a spring challenge -- I know my beagles are sick of winter. They miss walks through the park. :-)
Michigan has had a lot of snow this year.