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Friday, April 17, 2009

Team Spotlight! Interview with Cutiepie Company

MsAnomaly's interview with cutiepiecompany/Hunter'sHideaway:

1. When did you open your Etsy store and begin selling?
I opened my main shop in Jan of 2008 and began selling a month later. My second shop was opened in March of 2008.

2. How did you select your shop’s name?
Cutiepie Company--It was actually a domain name I purchase several years ago with the intention of starting my own website to sell paper goods. This was before Etsy was even around. I never did start that website, but I still own the domain name, and I thought it would be a good place to start.
Hunter's Hideaway--For my second shop name I was at a bit of a loss, so I named it after my little beagle, Hunter. Since I love alliteration, I came up with Hunter's Hideaway.

3. What do you create and sell in your Etsy shop?
I sell handmade paper goods such as notecards, journals and gift tags. In my second shop I sell magnets and pinback buttons (and also a bit of vintage and destash).

4. How did you become involved in your craft?
Good question with a long answer! I have been involved in arts and crafts since I was a kid, in one form or another. I have also had a lifelong obsession with paper goods, and harbored a secret wish to make and sell them. Actually I have been making paper goods for friends and family for a long time. I discovered Etsy one day in Dec. of 2007. Browsing paper goods here I discovered the Gocco machine, which is a portable screen printing device. I knew instantly I had to have it and that I could print my designs on notecards and fulfill my secret wish! The rest is history, as they say.

5. Explain your favorite part of the creative process.
Definitely the hands-on: The drawing, cutting, glueing, sewing, printing, painting or what-have-you. Whatever makes the biggest mess.

6. Do you sell in another Etsy store or anywhere outside of Etsy? If so, where?
In addition to the two Etsy shops I also have a shop on Dawanda.

7. So far, what project are you most proud of?
I would say it is my mixed media pieces, which are not currently for sale in my shop. I do hope to be able to sell prints of these soon. (as soon as I can afford to purchase a high-end printer that I have my eye on!)

8. What advice can you give to someone who would like to learn your craft?
I'm not sure I'm qualified to be giving advice! But I will say that for anyone interested in gocco-printing, to give it a try. It is very easy and fun as well. The only downside is the scarcity of supplies. If someone is considering purchasing a unit, make sure to google around and do a little research on it. The scarcity of supplies (bulbs and screens) has driven the cost up, so that is something to be aware of.

9. What motivated you to join the Etsy Beagle Street Team?
My love of beagles of course! I adopted my beagle about 4 1/2 years ago. Her name is Hunter and she is a sweet and lazy little lady. That's Hunter in the photo at the top of this interview post!

10. Any other places we might find you (Flickr, blog, MySpace, etc.)?


Tom and Cher said...

Hunter is precious, reminds me of my beag, Cheyenne. Then again it reminds me of Brando & Stella. Must be a beagle thang!

Great interview, I'm off to check out the store, you little Cutiepie. (My DD's license plate reads MYQTPIE, if reference to her DD)

MsAnomaly said...

Love the pictures of Hunter in the basket! Beagle habits always make me smile! Thank-you so much for doing the interview, and that was good to know about the Gocco machines! You have very good advice, and I enjoyed reading your interview! :0)

Cody's Closet said...

Great interview and always good to learn more about team members and of couse, their dogs!

Cindy said...

Hunter is so cute! Just love that picture! Great interview as usual! AROOO from Dexter!

cutiepie company said...

Thanks for all the lovely comments!