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Friday, October 3, 2008

Brando the midnight Male model.

Brando /\

Here's a long overdue update from the great white north. I've been busy with the new competition, aka Arial, who's my 5th precious granddaughter. She lives a few blocks away, so she is primary in our household. Brando has had his nose out of joint for quite a while now.

Like, he knows he's not officially allowed on the leather furniture. He's pretty good about scampering off just before we enter the room, but lately, he's been bold enough to jump up there when one of us is sitting there, and looks surprised to see us. He'll look around and try to figure out how he accidentally could have possibly gotten on top of the cushions, and if you don't react, he'll just rest his head while he ponders how this could have happened. One eyebrow will raise, then lowers, the the other eyebrow , repeat. His head will finally come to rest on his masters knee, and he will look at me with the most pathetic "See, at least HE loves me" look you can imagine!

This has been going on for as long as we've had our little bundle of joy, Arial. But you can't begin to understand the shock I felt when I found out that Brando has been moon-lighting! I mean, I know the economy sucks, and we all do what we have to to survive, but being a male model for refrigerator magnets? I'm telling you, I about fell through the floor when I found this large magnet for sale. I have no idea how he was able to sneak out and travel to a big city and get these made, and Brando denies ever having done this, as he sits arrogantly sits atop our furniture, leaving ME with nothing to say but arrrooooohhhh!!



Howlin' Hounds said...

The things these Hounds do when we humans aren't looking. ;)
Brando makes one handsome model, I must say.

FrumsGlass said...

Glad Brando got a few times on the leather sofa. Being a doggie uncle to a precious baby girl is tough work. Male modeling too! Wow! He is a busy beagle.

MsAnomaly said...

Tell Brando if got paid well for his modeling gig, maybe he could buy his own leather sofa! LOL! My sister had the same problem with her Husky and leather sofa. He would only get on the sofa when someone came to visit her. I guess he figured they didn't know the rules of the house, so he could get away with it. My sister had an apholstered sofa in the same room, and would just point to it and say, "Dog Couch!" Rilke the Husky would grudgingly move to the specified "dog sofa," all the while giving the visitor his most sorrowful "poor me" look! Love the doggie mind! :0)

Tom and Cher said...

Brando sez "See?!?!? everybody else loves me tooooooooarrroooo!

He's recently escaped a few times and he runs off to a neighbors' house and tells the lady how mis-treated and unappreciated he is at home, and promised her his royalties for his modeling.

And they think we don't understand doggytalk! I guess we've Got their number!!